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The Very Entertaining Pokemon HeartGold 3DS ROM.

r4i 3ds roms cardIt would be very impossible for you to miss any of the Pokémon games these days since every year, there seems to be a new and improved installment. In 2009, the game Pokémon Platinum was released and needless to say, a lot of people loved it. There were a lot great features that came along with this game. Though the Pokémon enthusiasts would have their own verdict as to which game is the best, Nintendo has already selected what they think are well-loved by the people and simply added better features. Both the Pokémon HeartGold as well as the Pokémon SoulSilver is the updated versions of the same games that came from Nintendo’s Game Boy Color where the story has also been extended, and added new monsters that can be caught and battled with.

Now, the Pokémon lovers would be able to sleep at peace knowing that the updated HeartGold as well as SoulSilver now have environments that are very inviting, at the same time, the monster counter of Pokedex can also be bumped to 493, and this also includes new types that are exclusive to this version.

r4 3ds rom cardThere are people who have already started playing using one of the new characters. Players would still make use of the common options for naming as well as selecting the gender of the characters. Predictably, as like how usual Pokémon games are played, you would be having the role of a Pokemon trainer, and would be given missions by a Pokescientist. You would be receiving a request from Professor Elm to set forth towards the north in order to look for fisticuffs. You would be given the options like fire, grass monster, or even water in order to start the collection. However, if you would select Chikorita, you may encounter ruckus, and would have to start finding someone that you can defeat and be rewarded with experience points. As what is expected during the earlier part of this game, the battles would be like cakewalks, and would encounter Pidgeys as well as a Sentret. As for the Sentret, this would make use of the foresight ability in order to identify you and would not cause damage. When you level up, you would then be able to unlock the ability for the razor leaf, which is a type of returning grass attach that helps you do a very critical strike. By engaging in battle as well as leveling up, you would be able to grow and also evolve the team that you have.

It would seem that HeartGold would be placing much of your attention to the monster crew that you are going to have, and having the crew travel with you, you would have to show affection to them so that the level for friendliness would increase.
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Apart from all these, the one of the newest features that players should look forward to is the so-called Pokeathlon zones that are found in different parts of the world. This is quite similar to the gyms, but what makes it different is that it allows you to engage in a completion with Ai or through the use of Wi-Fi, so that you may earn yourself some medals in different fields like power, stamina, as well as speed and skill. It is important to take note that every Pokemon that is part of the posse would be rated, which is why, it would be convenient for you to choose the best among the group or even the individual that would be appropriate for the challenge. The feature for touch-screen would be widely used here and for the speed events, you would have to make use of taps, as well as make use of the stylus to drag and move the characters to different parts of the screen, and jump on the hurdles.

Without a doubt, the games Pokemon HeartGold 3DS ROM as well as Soulsilver would be able to catch the attention of the fans of the different Pokemon games and add this to their collection.

The Dawn of Heroes 3DS Rom.

In the game Dawn of Heroes, it would showcase about fifty missions where you would be able to control about 25 different kinds of the war units, in which you are going to make use of your touch screen in order to move the army in the field. You would see that every character in the game has a unique attribute when it comes to fighting, and each player would take their turn with the positions and with the use of the different strengths that they have, they eventually attack the opponents.

In Wicked Studio’s demo version, you would be able to see that there is a 3D engine that is remarkably detailed for the representation of the top screen for the overhead board that is chess-like, which allows the different players to utilize it for making tactical decisions. The team has made a claim that the engine would allow you for twice its polygonal detail than that of the common products of Nintendo DS, and even if this claim cannot be argued, it would immediately be seen that this game really looks good and the movements in the game are very fluid. Its demo build would be able to show a battlefield which is set at a certain giant bird, while it flies on numerous canyons.

There is another level that shows another feature of its game design, and it is called the effects that are for real-time weather. Through the progression of time, the weather would go from sunny then to cloudy and eventually to rain and it may go back to being sunny again. The transition would be very subtle.

This final game would be able to support the connection service for Wi-Fi, intended for multiplayer, and even for the item trading done by the players. Hopefully, the team would be able to get a multiplayer mode using a single cartridge. However, due to the restrictions of the memory, and at the same time the increasing visual demand, there was no assurance yet.

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